Hi. Have a seat, this is your sitting friend, HINOMI.

Originally from Singapore, we are applying ergonomics into our and your daily life. We believe ergonomics is not just for the office, and it’s not only for adults or people in pain.

An ideal workspace is not just fancy, but comfy and healthy

While working from home provides flexibility, it may also make one work longer and require more hours sitting. But for most of us, the conditions at home do not facilitate good working posture, which results in body pain and low work efficiency.

Toward a less stressful & more pleasant working life

Our dedicated and experienced designers and engineers spend their waking hours studying postures and perfecting the design of the lumbar support. Through ergonomic engineering, we are creating a delightful work life.

Comprehensive Research & Innovative Development

20% of our annual sales are used for product R&D because we hold a belief that only professional R&D can create excellent products. With all the valuable insights from solid research, we are skilful at making our products not just function well but exceed your satisfaction.

Certified First-class Materials for Best Quality

At HINOMI, all the components are made to our high specifications in different countries. As an example, our bestseller H1 Pro office chair, its breathable mesh is woven in Germany and is certified by ISO, FR-One, and OEKO-TEX. And the Class-IV-rated hydraulic system is built in South Korea and is certified by BIFMA.

BIFMA Tested. Twice

High Quality Approved

ISO12947-2 Stand

150,000 Abrasion Tests

Health Guarantee

Standard 100 Verified

Premium Products, Reasonably Priced

Our Red Dot Award-winning designers are devoted to employing unique structural designs to achieve the ideal balance of art and function that would ergonomically support your body. Inspired by and designed for you, all our products will go directly to you without wholesale markup.

Unbeatable & Stylish Gaming Experience

We go beyond work life and extend that wonderful experience to your leisure life. Thoughtfully combining comfort, style and ergonomics into our gaming table and chair, we offer you every ergonomic benefit to protect your neck, back and spine while you are conquering.

Enjoyable studying experience for bright little ones

When you and your children adjust yourselves to the new reality of online education or learning at home, we are standing by you to achieve their best work. Proud to be the only winner of the RedDot Award for children’s learning chairs, our Children Ergonomic Zee Chair will be the best investment for your beloved children.

Just like you, we are all working toward a healthy lifestyle

While working, studying and gaming are usually done sitting down, we don't suggest a sedentary lifestyle.
Be as active as you can


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